Monday, March 28, 2011


Hiya, there! I just noticed that there are still seventy-eight of you readers out there who still subscribe to this old blog link (in Google Reader).

Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do, but since I don't really blog here anymore, I might recommend that you highlight this web address:

and then copy it (ctrl+c / cmd+c)

and then go to your Google Reader and click on "Add Subscription"

and then paste (ctrl+v / cmd+v) the link in there

and click "Add".

And if you're feeling extra-spunky, you can also unsubscribe from this old link by clicking on this blog title in your Google Reader sidebar, and then clicking the little arrow next to it and choosing "unsubscribe" from the pop-up menu.

But, you know, totally your call.

I fully understand if you'd rather just keep coming over here periodically and clicking on this link: Bee In The Bonnet and following my story that way. I also fully understand if you just want to unsubscribe from me, period, and call it a day. No pressure. Just thought I'd let you remaining people know that I'd love to have you all follow me at my new wordpress blog and that there will very likely not be any more updates to this blog...


Paula Keller said...

Maybe they are like me and just too lazy to delete this blog from their reader? :) said...

i second the above commenter :) i haven't gone through my list in forever