Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Some Photos

Sleepy Henry
H.enry, my sleepy boy.

Jack Is Happy!
Sweet Ja.ck

Henry Is Awake!
Henr.y caught me!

Jack Smiles
What a smile!


Melis.sa said...

Awwww!! So sweet

Anonymous said...

omg. how stinking cute.

christina(apronstrings) said...

awesome pics. they are very cute and you can tell they are brothers (unlike my girls!)

ok, assivce ahead-and this assivce helped me so much that i've come out of hiding to leave the first comment in weeks.

1. I agree with you 100%-the books are so extreme CIO=serial killer.

2. Cate used to want to nurse 24/7-Pedi told me that she was using me as a pacy. Listen for them to swallow. If they're not-they need to find another nipple. (u may be doing that.)

3. Spread out feedings-no snacking- by giving them a pacy and extending feeding more and more.

4. Fussy babies=babies that aren't getting enough sleep.

5. On advice of pedi (bfeeding mother of five) -we let her CIO. Not until at least 12 weeks. For THREE hellish weeks. (the worst was the first three-k had to do it.)
BEST THING WE EVER DID. Cate is the master sleeper. She is 100% able to coax herself to sleep. Flipping rocks.

6. I'm full of shit at the moment-holy inable to let Primose CIO. I'm weak as hell and she knows. My GP and good friend keep telling me that that's why she's so fussy-and is literally about to fall behind in learning b/c she isn't sleeping during the day.

-sleep is so important for them b.c that's when their brains store neurological connectrions. So, PRimrose is giong to be very dumb. J/K.

christina(apronstrings) said...

OMG the typos=see what lack of sleep is doing to my brain.


loribeth said...

Just catching up on the last two weeks' worth of posts. Thanks for all the pics. They are ADORABLE.