Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had something special planned for today, but sadly, things just take longer these days, so it'll be a while before I can get that post up. But, just know that much needed changes are (finally) coming to this space sometime soon (hopefully).

Anyhow, this whole summer has been frought with "remember where we were a year ago!" moments (graduation, Germany, meeting with the RE, brother's wedding, etc.), but today marks one year since we started the IVF cycle that lead to the sugarlumps currently asleep on my lap. While I'd hoped for something slightly more organized, instead I have just reposted that one post from a year ago chronicling my first experience with injectibles. Please feel free to read it if you'd like: Lupron, Day One

So as part of the changes to this blog, I have been going over my past posts with a fine-toothed comb, starting from the beginning ("The Beginning" being September 10, 2007, another important anniversary coming up). And whoa. What a different place I was in three years ago. Has it only been three years? It feels like a decade, at least. I knew that I felt a substantial shift in my sense of self sometime during the spring of 2008, but I'd really forgotten about what my life was like before that. I drank a lot. Good LORD, I wasted a lot of money, not just on going out, but on house projects and trips to Target and all kinds of random things. I don't know if that's a product of growing older, or of a totally changed economy or the fact that we're a single-income family now, but money is a wholly different thing to me now (in part, I think-- and sad that I think so-- due to the fact that I don't earn my own income and so I feel weaker in making decisions on how we spend). Anyhow, what a difference the passing of time can make. Convenient to have a blog to remind us of that fact.

So. Milestones... What was going on in your life one year ago today?


Marie said...

I love watching the events that take place in our lives and how we change on this screen. I feel like I truely know you and your family and it is amazing and sometimes when I say "Oh Kate's twins are doing"...Not that I do that.

Ok, I totally do that. But it's because you mean something to me and those little boys mean something to me.

Just saying I am so happy for your family.

Anonymous said...

Gah, the internet just ate my comment, of course the one time I didn't copy it just in case. I'm glad you're getting your blog to a space where you want it to be. I went through a similar thing ~2 weeks ago (with the whole PWP issue) and it was surreal to read those earlier posts.

One year ago we had just moved to Virginia and were preparing for Nav to go on a week long business trip leaving me home alone and very pregnant. We had just started our NSTs because Benjamin (then Baby B) was showing signs that their TTTS was getting worse. It was a really rough time. I actually didn't blog my entire 3rd trimester and the first two months of being a parent. I've thought about going back and adding a few posts to fill in some of the missing details but they wouldn't be as there and in the moment so I'm not sure if I will.

I agree with you on the money issue. Now that I don't bring in an income I feel like I shouldn't be spending any money. I even struggle over agreed upon purchases. My word verification is "nomone". So true internets, so true. Can't wait to see what changes you have in store for us.

Esperanza said...

It's interesting you ask about milestones because I think it was a milestone that made me so happy to buy Isa Cal gear at the tailgate. One year ago I was going to the first tailgate and feeling devastated that we had no news to share, as our first pregnancy had ended over the summer. I also had to go buy Cal gear for another friends newborn baby and it ached to know I wouldn't be buying anything for my own child. I distinctly remember asking myself, "am I ever going to be able to buy this for my baby?" And here I am today, waiting to pay it off on my credit card (I went a little over board, to say the least). It was so happy waiting in line this time, I must have literally been beaming. It was a really nice day.

christina(apronstrings) said...

One year ago:
I was eight days into finding out my husband had had an affair. :(
Eight weeks into a surprise pregnancy.: )

Two years ago today:
I was nursing a precious little bean for the first time. It's Cate's bday!

I am so glad that you've allowed me to share in so many of your milestones. : )

JJ said...

Its amazing to look back, isnt it? And man alive, your boys are so adorable.
A year ago--I was having a hard time blogging and wondering about what to do with my blog while enjoying the heck out of my 7 month old.
Two years ago...coming out on the other side of my pesky hematoma.
Cant wait to see you! :)

Anonymous said...

one year ago i was a huge pregnant with twins lady. my legs were the size of tree trunks. i was just looking at the pictures today remembering how weird it was since i didn't FEEL that big. i was on a modified bedrest, off of work, and WAITING.

:) what kind of changes are you going to do? new header? new layout? or MAJOR changes like content etc?

Miss Unsinkable said...

A year ago this week: I was in Idaho with a man who was Mr. right now, studying for the CSET, anxious to be divorced, living in an apartment where cats tormented my dogs Wondered if I would ever have any children in my life.

Today: Living with Mr. RIGHT, survived the divorce, looked at EX-husbands wedding pix on FB last week and actually thanked the heavens above for not being his hostage anymore, studying for the CSET...still, down to one dog and he is a happy camper. Grateful beyond words to have FOUR amazing kids in my life.

The icing on the cake between last year this time and this year - was meeting my great friend Kate in real life during her visit to SD. :-)

Sunny said...

Glad you stopped by my blog, happy three year blogoversary to US! :)

One year ago I had just found out we were having twins. I was *really* upset, I was so worried about having preemies, and how a multiple pregnancy would affect me and our toddler.

Now I am so happy to have three boys, even if I'm not getting any sleep and going crazy some days trying to entertain two infants at the same time. It's going to be a wonderful life!

Photogrl said...

Crazy how fast (and slow) a year can go!

A year ago, I was a month out from starting my IVF cycle. I remember logging on every day to see how your cycle was going. You really prepared me for what to expect...thank you!

Ellen K. said...

A year ago I was picking fights with non-mom friends because I didn't yet realize I had PPD and I was in a particularly self-righteous state. Also I was sleep deprived, same as the year before.

I often think of how much SPENDING MONEY!!! I used to have, to buy DVDs, CDs, handbags, shoes, whatever I pleased. And D. has never once complained about any clothing purchases I make (on the contrary, he encourages me to buy as many pairs of ass pants as I like) or what I spend on the girls, but I'm so much more conscious of it all now. But I have noticed that my friends and I are much more open about money than a few years ago. Part of this may be a parent thing -- my shopping list probably looks a lot like my parent-friends' lists, and daycare costs are very openly discussed/bemoaned -- but yeah, a lot of it is the economy, because even my friends who don't have children are pretty open about their salaries, debt, rent or mortgage, spending habits, etc.