Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Digs

Ah. Okeedokey. After much baloney, I have made my move over to my new Wordpress blog:

Please update your feeds/Reader/sidebar links/blogrolls, etc.

In my inaugural post over there, I utilized the function for which I changed platforms, the password-protected post. If you'd like the password, email me at:
m c f a r l a n d (dot) kate (at) gmail (dot) com (um, take out the spaces there...)


Circus Princess said...

OK, so I'm a total blog illiterate and have problems following wordpress-blogs. Blogger-blogs works great since I'm on Blogger and all new posts ends up nicely on my dashboard... Help!

loribeth said...

OK, I've updated my reader with the new blog site. Will e-mail you for the password. Thanks!